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Stephanie and Bret

Alicia and Warren

Reviewed on March 15, 2015

Reviewed on June 13, 2015

Jeff was recommended to us by our venue, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and I am so glad he was! From our first meeting with Jeff, we knew he was the DJ for us. He went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day was perfect, and it was. He did the music for our ceremony and reception and it could not have been any better. All of our family and friends said it was the best, most fun wedding they had ever been to, and so much of that was due to Jeff! We will be thankful to him forever! I can't say enough about him other than I am confident he is the best, most reasonable DJ around. Thank you, Jeff!!!!
Thank you so much Jeff!! You made sure everyone was having a great time at the reception! The love note ceremony really made the wedding special! I am so glad it worked out that you could DJ!  You were so easy to work with and making sure that all the secrets for the reception were kept a secret!  Jeff you made everything just flow so smoothly, I did not have to worry about one single thing! I still have family and friends talking about how much fun they had dancing at the reception! You are the best :) We want to plan a party just to have you DJ again!

Katie S

Natalie and Phil

Reviewed on October 17, 2015

Reviewed on October 7, 2015

My wedding night -- as most brides will attest -- was easily the best night of my life. If only I could have cranked it into slow-mo so that I could savor each moment of it--it went by so quickly! Jeff with Jay Fox Productions played such an integral part in our wedding day celebration. He made sure to play all of our requested songs, helped the flow of the entire event by announcing cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc, and had my guests young and old dancing all night long! It was hard for me to make rounds to all my guests because I kept finding myself out there dancing. Jeff is great to work with -- he almost becomes a "second planner," per se, in that he's more than just "the wedding DJ." He plays a much larger role in the overall day, helping with lighting, flow of activities, etc. I highly recommend his service!
I am grateful that the venue recommended Jeff with Jay Fox Productions, LLC! Jeff was outstanding! During my reception every guest was on the dance floor having a blast because of Jeff’s music selection and skill! We didn’t want the reception to end because we were having so much fun dancing! Jeff knew exactly what to play, when to play it, and incorporated every song that my husband and I had requested. Jeff did something extremely special during the father-daughter dance, which was very unique and genius! He asked me to record myself saying something meaningful to my dad and then email it to him. I sent my recording to Jeff the day before my wedding, unsure if he would receive it in time. Lo and behold, during the father-daughter dance, and at the most perfect part of the song, Jeff played my voice recording! Everyone wept as it was such a beautiful moment for my dad and me! I will cherish that memory forever! Jeff is professional and extremely talented! I highly recommend Jay Fox Productions, LLC! Thank you Jeff!!

Mandy and Mike

Amy and Billy

Reviewed on October 22, 2017

Reviewed on June 8, 2017

Wow, who knew what a difference having the right DJ could make? Jeff Christenson (of Jay Fox Productions) is the standard by which all others should be judged.
We immediately clicked with him. He understood exactly what we were trying to achieve with the music at the wedding. His knowledge of music is encyclopedic (and so is his music collection.)  He stayed true to his word and kept the crowd energized and dancing the entire night.
Jeff also went above and beyond for us as well. At the last minute, we realized that we had no sound equipment for the rehearsal dinner. A quick email to Jeff and that problem was fixed. Not only did he bring the equipment but he also stayed and provided music for the affair as well. Thanks, Jeff!
We could not have asked for a better DJ for our wedding day! Jeff was very flexible and met with me as many times as needed to finalize special song requests and the order of events for the reception. He even stepped up and came to my rehearsal at the venue to help walk through the order and make sure things ran smoothly as my officiant was out of town that day. Our reception was more fun than I could have ever imagined! Our guests were on the dance floor with so much energy all night long until closing time. He was professional throughout the entire night and only approached us a few times to verify if a song request he received from a guest was approved by us. We loved the unique love note ceremony he did during the reception and our favorite part of the night was the last dance when he cleared out the guests and left himself to allow just my husband and I to dance to our song one last night. We highly recommend Jeff and can't thank him enough for giving us the reception of our dreams!