Stars Package

Rangers Package

Cowboys Package

  • Up to 4-Hour Reception
  • Music for reception and events within that time                                                         
  • Up to 4-Hour Reception
  • 10 Up Lights        
  • 2nd Sound system for external events
  • Music of Cocktail Hour        
  • Music for Ceremony
  • Up 4-Hour Reception
  • 20 Up Lights
  • Digital Monogram
  • 2nd Sound System for external events
  • Music for Cocktail Hour
  • Music for Ceremony   
Additional Amenities
  1. Up Lighting
    Up Lighting
    Add elegant and eye pleasing uplighting to your room, tent or event center. Washing the wall with brilliant color, columns or spotted onto specific areas will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event.
  2. Pin Spot Lighting
    Pin Spot Lighting
    Pin spot lighting is a simple way to highlight some of the special areas at your event. For example, pictures, a wedding cake or dessert tables, special dances, speaking areas, and more.
  3. Dance Floor Lighting
    Dance Floor Lighting
    Do you want to get your guests moving the dance floor? Then add Dance Floor Lighting to give action to party.
  4. Digital Monogram
    Digital Monogram
    Create your own customized wedding monogram by choosing which digital style you would like to use. You will have hundreds of choices as well as customized and animated monograms available.
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